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Failure to plan is the most recurring problem in web design. Irrespective of the experience of the web designer, the planning stage is often taken lightly by him/her primarily because of lack of foresightedness. Through your website, you become an information provider, while the site visitors are the receivers of that information. When you overlook the planning stage of your website design, it is quite likely that the visitors would not be able to reach to the information you are trying to disseminate through your site.With millions of websites competing with you on the World Wide Web, it is necessary to come up with a plan that can give your website a distinct identity, making it easy for the target audience to find you and engaging with you. The trick is that you need to overcome the strategy of your competitors through effective market research.In the absence of a sound web design plan and need assessments, the common results can be something like this- assumption-based decisions by the web designer, more time consumed for communicating and discussing about minor issues, working under pressure due to delays in execution and finalising the task, leading to cost overruns and client dissatisfaction.For a better understanding of the factors to be considered in the planning stage of a website design, have a look at the following tips and suggestions:1) Assign roles and responsibilities- It is very important to define roles and responsibilities of each member of the web design team who is working on a particular design. If all of them work together for each and every task required in building a website design, confusion, conflicts and inconsistency is bound to occur. The best thing to do is to determine who will do what. Once the roles are defined, the entire process can be carried out smoothly and in a hassle-free manner.2) Understand and analyse the immediate needs of your users- When planning a website, what you want from it is not so important. The important thing to know is what the users what from your website. A detailed market research can be carried out in order to understand what all factors are necessary in a web design to capture the attention of the users, engaging them with the site and compelling them to take favourable actions such as signing up, emailing you or pressing the ‘Buy’ button. Understanding what your customers want from you allow you to work out the wireframe, content and other elements of a website. You have to give a positive answer to the questions of the users – Is this website trustworthy? Is this business good enough? Can they deliver what they promise? If they get a positive answer to all these questions, half your battle is won.3) Work out the site map in the form of information flow- A defined path that your target audience will traverse while on your website also needs to be worked out in the planning stage. How you want to communicate a message must be broken into different sections by developing a site plan that creatively presents the Homepage, Services, Company Background, Portfolio, Client Feedback, Articles/Blogs, Contact Us details. Once all these sections are determined, the flow of the information becomes much more smooth and hassle-free.4) Watch your competitors and what works for them- Your competitor must be doing something right that users get so attracted to their website. Perform a thorough analysis of the approach your competitors are using in their web design, and try to imbibe the best of those features by adapting them with your web design in a unique manner.5) Align a marketing plan with the website- A website that doesn’t sell your message, products or services, is useless. Directly or indirectly a website has to work as a gateway through which visitors can transform into your customers. This is possible only when you integrate a marketing plan with the website design. Search engine marketing can be a great way of promoting your website as well as the business.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Web Designing Services |

Some businesses spend countless hours figuring out how to design their websites when they can be making money doing what they know best. Chances are after spending excess time researching and reviewing information, they end up with something that doesn’t even come close to a professional looking website. However, by choosing an innovative web designing service, businesses are able to realistically boost their reputation, and also increase revenue.Here are a few benefits that only a web design and professional development team can give a business:1. UsabilityWhen professionals develop your web design project, usability will become a key factor in the design process. The result is you will have a user friendly website that your customers will browse around without any complications. The last thing you want is a website that either isn’t inviting or takes a genius to navigate the site. You have 15 seconds for a user to decide if they feel comfortable with your services or exterior design, so by hiring a professional PHP web development team you’re ensuring a professional and innovative website.2. ReputationYour website is the face of your business on the internet, working just like the cover of a book. Therefore, you should want nothing but a professional first impression by demonstrating that your business is reputable and showcase all your areas of expertise. Just as a reader judges a book by its cover, so will your customers when they visit your website for the first time.3. CompatibilityHiring a professional to take care of your PHP and FLEX website needs ensures your visitors won’t have any issues when opening the site within any browser. This allows your website to be accessible to all users, worldwide.4. Reduced MaintenanceA professionally designed website can greatly reduce website down time, as well as the maintenance time. Most designers use tools that make it easy for you to edit and update your site by yourself on your own time. This can also be very beneficial for search engine optimization purposes ( SEO ).5. Increased Visibility Within the Search EnginesYour content on your website is very important because it determines how your site will rank within the major search engines. By hiring professional designers who understand the design process, you will ensure that the content on your site is keyword rich and targeting the appropriate clientele resulting in more exposure within the search engines.Web design is a practical way of creating an online presence for your business. Your website should promote your business as successful venture. By utilizing a professional web designing company and their services, you will without a doubt gain a competitive edge on the competition.

Nuts and Bolts of the Web Design Process |

There is a lot to think about when you are developing a web site and the best website design is always the result of good planning and a professional web design and development team. However, you play a huge role in the success of your website whether you are creating it yourself or paying a professional. Therefore, it is a good idea to understand the process involved so you can get the end result you want.The first step in the process is basic planning. Before professional web design and development can begin, you should consider what you want your website to do now and in the future; how it should represent you or your company (i.e. branding, etc.); and how much you can pay to create the site. These areas should be hashed out until direct answers to each question are found. There isn’t one question that is more important than the other, but each is vital to achieving the best website design possible. For instance, if you understand the needs of the site today and later on down the road, you can plan for upgrades now. This will decrease your costs in the future. You want to make sure that the website reflects your message and doesn’t just look cool. Finally, it is vital that you have a realistic budget and stick to it.Now that you have a plan in place, you need to find a professional web design and development company to work with you. This will require some shopping around and taking the time to ask questions, get references, and review portfolios. The cost of the project can vary tremendously between firms, but just like the cheapest isn’t always the best choice neither is the most expensive. Although in most cases you get what you pay for, it is possible to get the best website design possible for your dollar if you look for the right company. Typically, newer companies will provide more bang for your buck because they are just building a client base. However, do your research and contact past clients to find out how satisfied they were, if the project was completed on time, and on budget, and any other questions you want to know before you make a decision.The biggest issue for most individuals getting their first website is mistakenly thinking the site will go live in a matter of days or within a week or two. This misnomer causes the most frustration, but it is also the easiest part of the process to predict. Basically, set a realistic timeline for the work to be done. The best website design will not happen overnight. Professional web design and development companies will be honest with you about the time it will take to complete your site, but sometimes they feel pressured to agree to unrealistic schedules to appease a client. If you want to avoid disappointment and irritation, listen to what your web developer tells you. He or she will most likely provide you with realistic expectations.When it comes down to it, the best website design is created through careful planning and working with a professional web design and development professional. Take the time to find a company that you trust and then let the professional guide you. He or she will listen to your requirements, advise you of anything you may have overlooked, and create a website that will express the message you want to share with others. If you understand the process and the part you play in it, you will be more relaxed and confident that the results will be positive.